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Friday, September 18, 2020

First Jaguar XK Series

 1. XK120 reg. MYD 337 at the Ragley Hall sprint meeting.

The first Jaguar XK120 photograph to feature here was sent by David Hall. It shows Mike Wright, David's Uncle, competing in his XK120 roadster, MYD 337, at a sprint meeting held at Ragley Hall in 1960. This XK120 is finished in green, and it survives to this day. Tuned by Dick Protheroe, this XK120 roadster is a famous survivor and was a regular sight at meetings in the 50s and 60s. In the early 70s it ended up in Canada, and following a clutch, the malady was stashed away for twenty or so years. In the 1990s, MYD 337 returned to the UK and was restored. It is still used competitively from time to time. Thanks to David for the photo. Again, this is an alloy-bodied car - note the separate sidelight units on top of the front wings - later, steel body, cars had integral lamps, as on the FHC car further down this page. Mike can also be seen in the vintage photo section, driving the HWM-Jaguar.

More information on XK120 reg. no. MYD 337.

David Rahal dropped me a line in June 2009, after stumbling across the photo of Mike Wright in this XK120. He now owns MYD 337 and sent further information on the car. He also attached extra photos of the Jaguar in competition, and as it is today. David R is now in contact with David Hall, who sent in the original photo seen above, and they plan to meet up.

I own the second car XK 120 reg no MYD 337. The connection with Mike Wright is new to me and most interesting. Many thanks to David Hall for sending in the photo of his late uncle, Mike Wright, driving the car."

"Your information about the car is accurate. I can add that when it returned from Canada it was restored by Peter Baldry who by a remarkable coincidence recognized the car as the same car he had race-prepared when he worked for Dick Protheroe in the 1960s. There is a very nice small metal plaque under the bonnet and on the bulkhead, which reads "Dick Protheroe Racing, County Motors, Husbands Bosworth, Near Rugby.". I also have original Dick Protheroe's letters and bills relating to the work carried out for race preparation."

I have scrutineer's passes for Silverstone, Brands, Malory, and Goodwood and I am planning to return it to the track in 2010. A period photo of the car racing and a recent photo is attached.
Do you have any more details or information? Does anyone else have any more information?
Once again, many thanks and look forward to hearing from you."

2. BRG Jaguar XK120 roadster, reg. EUD 704.

THE next XK to feature here is from my own photo collection. It shows a raffish chap sat behind the steering wheel of an alloy-bodied XK120 roadster. A check on the DVLA site shows that this XK120, registration EUD 704 and finished in green (probably BRG), is still taxed and on the road, so where is it now? It was first registered in the Oxford area.
Most XK120s seem to be on wire wheels now, so it makes a change to see one on steel rims, with the rear wheel spats still fitted. This XK has an extra Lucas foglamp mounted above the registration plate, and also small auxiliary lights (perhaps flashing turn signals) fitted to the front wings. The aerial suggests that this Jaguar has a radio installed - all the mod cons!

Some interesting classic vehicles feature in the background of this Jaguar XK120 picture - a fine red London Bus (Route No. 102 destination Chingford), advertising "Guinness for Strength", rumbles past an Austin Westminster (878 SMG) and a post-war Vauxhall 14 (JGF 640). A close look shows the Vauxhall parked with the driver's window open, the owner not in sight.

3. XK120 FHC reg. UVK 420.

Now, pictures of an XK120 fixed head coupe (FHC) sent in by Peter Scott. They show an agent called Mr. Ramage who was a neighbor of Peter's and introduced him to the delights of his XK, reg. UVK 420. Does this car still survive? a look on the DVLA site shows that it was last taxed in 1983, and still recorded as being white, so there is a record of it at least on their system. Perhaps it is sat in a garage somewhere or has been exported and the licensing people were not informed, or else it was scrapped and the logbook not returned? Does anyone know where this two-tone XK120 is now?

4. An unidentified Jaguar XK.

Mark discovered this photo amongst a number of images at a sale. Members of this site's forum confirmed the car's identification as an XK120 rather than XK140, and noted the lack of wheel spats. But does anyone recognize the lady sat behind the car's steering wheel? I think the rearview mirror needs adjusting.

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