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Thursday, April 23, 2020

Willys MB “Jeep” 1943

 Jeep Willy MB 1943


Origin  USA Engine  2,199 cc, straight-four Top speed  60 mph (96 km/h)

Willys, Ford, and Bantam competed for the US Army contract to build a light, four-wheel-drive reconnaissance vehicle. Willys won with the MB, and Ford also built it as the Ford GPW. More than 600,000 were made, and the US military continued to use them well into the 1960s.

Vital information The dashboard was strictly rudimentary, but it gave the driver all of the information needed to ensure that the vehicle was running properly.  In addition to a speedometer, instruments included an ammeter, a fuel gauge,  and engine oil level and temperature gauges.

All action, all-terrain True to its military purpose, the Jeep’s interior was functional. Doors were superfluous and the windshield could be removed.  An instruction panel explained how to use the gear-shift and transfer box, and a rifle holder sat prominently behind the steering wheel.

In this classic jeep folding roof is soo luxury. The load area can be adapted to carry people or cargo. Leaf springs, fitted front, and rear are simple but robust. Spare wheel hangs off the back to avoid taking up payload space.

Hardworking Vehicles Versatile, go-anywhere vehicles, such as the US military’s Jeep, were initially developed for wartime use. After the end of hostilities, the Jeep found a ready civilian market in agriculture, construction, and emergency services, and some people even drove them just for fun. At the same time, the pickup emerged as a new class of strong and adaptable purpose-built vehicles. It became a familiar part of the US automotive scene that is still very much with us today. Sedans were being made more practical, too, with extra seats and conversions to station wagons that offered plenty of space for passengers and luggage.

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