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Sunday, January 26, 2020

Zündapp Janus

Zündapp Janus 1957

Origin Germany

Engine  245 cc, single-cylinder 
Top speed  50 mph (80 km/h)

   Developed by former aircraft company Dornier, and manufactured for just two years by the Zündapp motorcycle firm, the Janus was meant to be a cut above other “bubble” cars, with back-to-back seating and doors at each end.
Zundapp Janus

 Hood not required Zündapp’s own single-cylinder, air-cooled engine was positioned centrally behind the seats, driving the rear wheels. This kept length to a minimum, while at the same time provided a notably spacious cabin.
View out the back Rear-seat passengers faced  the following traffic; indeed,  the car’s “front-back” design was named after the two-faced, Roman God, Janus. It was a comfortable ride, thanks to four-wheel Mac Pherson  strut suspension.

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