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Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Riley RMC Roadster 1948

Classic Car | Riley RMC Roadster

Riley RMC Roadster, classic cars

Riley RMC Roadster 1948

Origin UK
Engine 2,443 cc, straight-four

Top speed 100 mph (161 km/h) This two-door version of the 1945 RM sedan had traditional good looks and a twin-cam engine with enough power for it to hit “the ton.” The Roadster had a single row of three seats and a very long tail. In total, 507 cars were made.

In 1948 Riley introduced a roadster-bodied version of its winning 2.5. RMB saloon, the new automotive was referred to as the poet RMC. The RMC was geared toward the profitable USA market that was crying out for British sports cars, notably powerful ones. The RMC featured an occasional slung, two-door, 3 seater roadster body complete with rather uncommon trying bumpers (which had four overrides) referred to as "cowcatchers". The 2.5 li. twin-cam engine created a healthy 100bhp. this is often one among the few RMC roadsters that found their method onto British market towards the tip of production, production finally ending in 1951. maybe the foremost uncommon feature of this explicit automotive is its floor-mounted gear lever, column shift being the quality issue.

Riley created a variety of fine little saloons & sporting cars yet as carving out an desirable competition record for itself throughout the first Nineteen Thirties. hottest of the road cars was the  1.4  RMA and RME sports saloon. any up the vary there was e 2½ liter RMB that used the pre-war huge Four's 90bhp engine during a extended RMA chassis. The RMC and drophead machine RMD versions were factory-made between 1948 and 1951 and were distinctive, elegant and, very much, edition roadsters.

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