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Saturday, October 19, 2019

Classic Car with Electric Engine

Classic Car | Peugeot VLV Mini Car

Peugeot VLV, classic cars

Peugeot VLV 1942 Origin France

Electric Car which is launched in 1942 now its come under Classic car

     Engine Electric motor Top speed 22 mph (35 km/h) Peugeot designed this tiny, battery-powered
Voiture Légere de Ville or “Light City Car” as a response to France’s gasoline rationing. However, Nazi forces closed down production after only 377 had been built.

     It was power by 12v batteries. During the second war, abundant of Europe suffered from the dearth of fuel. Peugeot, like several alternative makers, created a couple of electrical vehicles. The vehicles were austere, to mention the smallest amount. This Peugeot VLV (light town car) is battery-powered by four 12-volt batteries and had a variety of fifty miles.

     Finally, there have been the electrics. Several manufacturers, furthermore as big industrial corporations a bit like the aviation company Breguet, electrical instrumentation makers like Mildé-Kriéger, or tiny automobile makers like Georges Irat, had a go at creating electrical cars. Peugeot was the sole one in all the massive automobile corporations to create an electrical model. It absolutely was referred to as the VLV, or Voiture Légère American state Ville, which suggests lightweight town automobile.

    Peugeot had been forced to show its factories to war production for the Nazis, howeve the event workplace was noisy with secret post-war comes. The VLV was made overtly and delineated within the press. It had been a little roadster equipage with a folding roof and doors, incorporating aspect windows that were raised by a lever within the door. It had been of revolutionary construction, a steel monologue with solely 2 reinforcing strips underneath the ground. Front suspension was by a thwart wise springand therefore the 2 rear wheels were solely a foot apart, sharing one cylinderthe electrical motor was battery-powered by four batteries underneath the front hood, totalling forty eight volts and eighty two amp-hour capability. These ingrained half the 770 pound weight of the automobile.

Motor:           48-V-Electric
Battery:         12V, 4 battries
Range:           50 miles
Horsepower: 1.3 – 3.5
Weight:          348 kg
Electrics:       48 v
Interior:        2 seats
Top Speed:    30 kph

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