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Monday, October 21, 2019

Jaguar Mk IX 1958 Origin UK

 Classic Cars | Jaguar Mk IX

Jaguar Mk IX, Classic CarsJaguar Mk IX 1958 Origin  UK

Engine  3,781 cc, straight-six Top speed  114 mph (183 km/h)

    Jaguar dropped in its fabulous twin-cam, XK engine from its sports-car line to power this big sedan. Despite its American-friendly bulk, the fast, fine handling Mk IX became a successful sedan and road rally racer. Cheaper than many rivals, it lived up to Jaguar’s marketing boast of “space, grace, pace."

   This is a car were immensely proud of Jaguar this wonderful Classic Cars 1959 Mark 9 Jaguar very much a car with the wow factor and the subject of bespoke engineering. This is a motor car it was a project for pro drive in the Midlands headed up at the time by David Richards. Who many of you know from his Aston Martin connections it's a project that was it seems, it was taken on regardless of budget this motorcar has had the most extensive of modifications blending modern engineering and super-efficient modern technology with the Martin 9 characteristics on the wonderful Jaguar of the 1959 period is the car with the chairs the XJ 40 front and rear suspension it has a bespoke sub frame for sure a braking system with four pot calipers ventilated discs and a full ABS system with red over black sets the car off fabulously. I'm sure you would agree rear passengers have revised picnic tables as per the Daimler XJ 40 much of the bespoke carpentry and woodwork and finish in the car is from that sort of motorcar and it is quite exquisite central locking electric front windows a bespoke exhaust system and even a four-spoke steering wheel make this a driver's car as well as an absolute joy to ferry those loved, ones around or use the limousine or in a chauffeured environment Mortimer has become a family friend here it being because it goes unlikely to ever be equaled difficult to better the car.


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