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Wednesday, July 10, 2019



 The RT was the last, rarest and most powerful of the Bentley Turbo series.


THE BENTLEY TURBO RTTHE BENTLEY TURBO RT is a talc of two characters. On the one hand, it's a blunt, uncompromising instrument of breezebkick styling and immense power. But it's also a luxurious and pampering sophisticate with considerable charisma. This example, handsomely finished in Royal Blue, could almost be called subtle, with a minimum of exterior brightwork, the muted metallic hue helping subdue its bulkiness. With just over 55,000 miles on its Jock (verified by a comprehensive service history), it isn't a surprise to find little to fault with the outside of this RT. The nose has some stonechips — which could easily be mistaken for flakes in the metallic paint — and there are a couple of minute scratches on the bootlid, plus some tiny bubbles under the nearside rear side window. The front bumper is unmarked, but there is a minor crack on the nearside rear from a parking knock.

THE BENTLEY TURBO RTThe tyres are matching Avon Turbo speeds with plenty of life left, enveloping hefty alloys that exhibit the occasional patch of corrosion around their inner edges and spokes. All the panel gaps are straight and there's comprehensive under sealing. The interior is practically like new. The Cotswold Cream upholstery with French Navy piping looks hardly sat in, and the carpets are in excellent order. There's no cracking or lifting of the walnut veneer anywhere. Everything electrical works as it should, including the steering wheel. Parking sensors have been retrofitted and there's also a period cassette player behind the swiveling central panel. Underneath the bonnet it's very clean, although so much is shrouded in black plastic that it's difficult to see much beyond the top of the engine and the row of fluid reservoirs down the left-hand side. In action, this RT is both pussycat and tiger. It's content to waft around with a low burble, but all it takes is a press of the button on top of the four -speed automatic gear selector to unleash its more animalistic nature. With Sport engaged there's enormous acceleration despite the equally substantial weight. The instant enthusiasm denotes an engine and transmission in fine health. Although the tweaks to the suspension are noticeable, with sharper handling than previous Rolls -Royce -based Bentleys, this still isn't a car you'd want to throw around too many corners as its sheer size means some wallow is unavoidable. The power steering and brakes all behave as they should; the former being nicely weighted, the latter being very sharp and bringing this Bentley to a quick halt. At £18,750, this is a lot of car for the money, and that summary includes its condition and driving experience — as well as its leviathan proportions.

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