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Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Chevrolet Corvette

Chevrolet Corvette

Chevrolet Corvette  CI 1953

Origin  USA
Engine  4,291 cc, V8 Top speed  142 mph (229 km/h)

    First revealed in 1953 as a concept car, the Corvette’s swooping, Harley Earl-styled fiberglass body promised speed that its six-cylinder engine could not deliver. As a result just 700 cars were sold in the first year. A beefy V8 engine,  a manual gearbox, and a style makeover transformed sales and an icon was born.
classic cars, Chevrolet Corvette

Changing times 

Very early Corvettes had single, round headlamps but General Motors was quick to revise the styling. By the time V8 versions were on sale, these quad headlamps were being used.
Chevrolet Corvette, classic cars

Futuristic feel 

The Corvette’s designers were eager to give the car  a cutting edge look, and this extended to its interior  and exotically shaped instrument cluster, which grouped round dials and gauges directly in front  of the driver.

Chevrolet Corvette, classic cars

Back in style 

The Corvette started out with fin-like, tail lamp mounts, but was revised to give a more rounded look. Period road testers praised the  car’s road holding.

Stylish Roadsters 1950’s 

America loved two-seat sports cars, or roadsters, and domestic automakers, as  well as rivals from Europe and beyond, rushed to satisfy the endless demand. Seeing the potential of new revenue streams and fresh customers, firms such as Jowett and Triumph, traditionally makers of small vans and comfortable sedans favored by bank managers, began to manufacture sports cars. Outside America, a new generation of drivers began to find that they had more money at their disposal, and the idea of spending it on a roadster and cruising along in an open-top car seemed particularly appealing.

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