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Friday, March 1, 2019

Austin-Healey Sprite Mk I 1958

Classic Cars | Austin-Healey Sprite Mk I 1958

Austin-Healey Sprite Mk I 1958, Classic Cars
Austin-Healey Sprite Mk I 1958
Origin  UK Engine  948 cc,
straight-four Top speed  84 mph (135 km/h)
Designed for inexpensive fun, the Sprite became known as the “Frogeye” (or “Bugeye” in the US), thanks to its distinctive inboard-mounted headlights. It is said that they were first conceived to flip up like a Porsche 928. Sprite owners had to make do  without outside door handles and trunk lids.

Austin-Healey Sprite Mk I 1958 FRONT, Classic Cars

Well-rounded ride The Austin-Healey Sprite’s characteristic, rounded appearance was dictated in part by how the car was made. There were no external door handles, so the driver and passenger had the use of interior handles.

Cars are complicated and expensive to design and build, so manufacturers have always tried to find ways of reusing components in as many models as possible, which meant developing new markets. In the 1950s they discovered sports cars. A new generation of drivers wanted fun and excitement, and automakers were happy to provide them with low-slung coupes and convertibles, many of which became motoring icons. Under the skin, however, most of these racy models shared engines, suspension, and other parts with sedate sedans. Americans in particular had a huge appetite for compact, European-made sports cars, and bought them by the shipload.

Austin-Healey Sprite Mk I 1958, Classic Cars

Below the hood The one-piece hood allowed complete access to the Sprite’s engine, brakes, and suspension. The car was powered  by the tough A Series engine also found in the Austin A35 and Morris Minor.

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